About Us

Our story

We are a team of people passionate about health and nutrition, valuing education and good, nutritious food. We have had a long journey discovering and experimenting with the best ingredients, recipes, and mixes that have helped us be the best versions of ourselves, and now we want to share our discoveries with the world. We started Ketolytic because not all alternatives on the market value an educational approach to fitness but rather focus on sales only.

Our line of keto diet supplements was started with just that in mind: a safe and efficient product, where each ingredient is carefully chosen. The effect of every ingredient is backed by science and personally tested by us. Besides extensive quality control testing, our satisfaction guarantee is strengthened by the fact that we, our families, and our friends use Ketolytic supplements.


Our mission

We strive to combine quality, natural ingredients, and thoughtful research into our premium health supplements. Therefore, our products mix the best supplements to take on a keto diet. We also appreciate the value of setting and committing to long-term goals. This is why keto for us is not just a diet. It’s a lifestyle. 

We want to provide the best keto supplements for our clients and teach them all that we’ve learned over the years about nutrition, exercise, and the human body. We have witnessed firsthand the results of this holistic approach. By improving your body, you can also improve your mind: work out, eat well, improve your focus and energy, and have more time for the things that matter to you.



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